How does Botox Work?

Minimising lines and wrinkles without any downtime.

Botox is a very effective treatment in the anti-ageing process for men and women because it reduces the movement of muscles in specific areas, preventing the skin from being further creased and allowing it to recover, allowing lines to soften or even fade away.

How Botox works is that it relaxes the muscles, therefore resulting in a smoother and softer appearance. If treatments are performed regularly over a long period of time, Botox can also prevent further lines and wrinkles from forming, helping to maintain a very natural but more youthful complexion.

Now widely used to lessen the visible appearance of skin ageing, Botox was originally developed for medical use and became a highly effective drug within the medical arena. Over the last 30 years, Botox was primarily used to treat patients with eye squints by weakening the overactive eye muscle. It’s use then developed across as blepharospasm associated with dystonia, multiple sclerosis, migraines, persistent headaches, stroke, facial spasm, Parkinson's disease and cerebral palsy, to name but a few.

Now for the science part...

Our Botox treatments based in Glasgow, involve tiny injections of botulinum toxin to precisely target wrinkle-causing muscles.

At Lansdowne Facial Aesthetics in Glasgow, we can complete a treatment simply and quickly, usually in 10-15 minutes, with no downtime. Many patients make their appointments in their lunch break.

Discomfort is minimal and brief – needles are so fine that we can deliver a virtually pain-free treatment that is less no more than plucking your eyebrows and we aim to deliver a virtually pain-free treatment.

Plus, because no sedation or local anaesthetic are required, you can drive immediately afterwards and carry on with your day – even putting on make-up if you wish. 

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