Lip Enhancement

Lip augmentation is an easy, fast and safe way to restore or enhance your smile.

Your smile is so important. If you feel that you’ve lost volume in your lips or would like them to be fuller, lip augmentation is the easy way to enhance and contour.

Our clients tell us that they love lip augmentation because it:

  • Makes them feel more sensuous.
  • Balances their facial features.
  • Restores volume and shape.
  • Increases self-confidence.

The Procedure

We’ve perfected a procedure that is quick and easy.

We begin by administering a local anaesthetic and treatment takes just 30 minutes.

You’ll see instant results. The area may be a little red or swollen, though you can immediately apply make-up and carry on with your day.

Results last around 6-12 months, depending on your skin structure, lifestyle, age and expectations.

We can top-up you lip augmentation at any time.

Side-effects are rare though can include mild redness for a few hours, some swelling or possibly mild bruising.