Nose to Mouth lines

Smoothing nose to mouth lines – something to smile about.

You may notice as you age that the nasolabial folds, those lines that run from the outside of the nose down to the sides of the mouth, become more noticeable and permanent.

This can also be made worse with sun damage, loss of elasticity and collagen in the skin, and diminishment of the fat layer in the cheeks.

Fillers are an excellent and highly effective treatment for this particular issue.

Minimising marionette lines – look and feel happier.

Marionette lines are sometimes called ‘sad lines’ because they can drag the face down. The deeper they are, the more dissatisfied or scornful the face can look.

They are an important area of the face when it comes to making an impression – and fillers can have great effect here even with advancing age.

  • We recommend non-permanent, dermal fillers as an excellent non-invasive and cost effective treatment.
  • Our brands have a proven safety record, your practitioner is highly experienced and treatment can be completed in around 30 minutes.
  • You’ll notice the results immediately and continued improvements over the following 2 weeks.
  • Results last around 9-12 months, depending on your skin structure and lifestyle, age and expectations.
  • We can top-up your fillers at any time.