Smoker’s Lines

Dermal fillers are very effective in tackling those tiny lines around the lips.

Smoker’s or lipstick lines are often noticed first when lipstick bleeds out of the border between lip and skin. They can occur naturally with age as the lip starts to lose volume and are associated with smoking because of the regular pursing of lips when inhaling a cigarette.

Smoking also breaks down collagen production, which also creates thinning of the skin and increases wrinkles.

At Lansdowne Facial Aesthetics, we tailor our treatments to eliminate these lines with a combination of fillers and/of Botox, depending on your individual need.

Dermal fillers are most effective and only small amounts are needed. Our process is non-invasive, cost-effective and safe, and gives impressive, natural results.

Where needed, we can combine this treatment with Botox to help relax the lines further and to give longer lasting results.  

We may also advise, if needed, some lip enhancement, which will further reduce smoker’s lines by elongating the lip.

Your procedure will take around 30 minutes and you’ll notice an immediate effect, with results improving further over the following 2 weeks. Side effects are few but may include redness, swelling or mild bumpiness.

Results can last from 6-12 months, depending on skin structure, lifestyle, age and expectation. We can also carry out top-up treatments at any time.