FAQ’s on DermaRoller

Are results instant?

You’ll see results start to become visible up to 6 weeks after your treatment and this regeneration will continue over the following months.

Can a non-medical practitioner offer Dermaroller treatment?

No. Only medical trained practitioners can use the Genuine Dermaroller™ because it is a proper medical device which has undergone extensive safety testing and clinical studies with longer length needles.

Does it hurt?

You may experience slight discomfort but the application of a local anaesthetic will ensure the treatment is comfortable.

How does it work?

The dermaroller creates a controlled trauma response by causing the body to naturally regenerate and repair the skin by forming new collagen, producing new skin cells and enhancing the blood supply.

How often can I get Dermaroller?

We advise an individual consultation to properly assess and analyse your skin. In general terms, we recommend an initial treatment cycle of 2 to 3 treatments witha 6 week interval between treatments to allow the new collagen formation time to mature. We would also advise an annual refresher treatment should be considered.

Is it safe?

The treatment is very safe and effective when performed by a trained medical practitioner.

I’ve seen home kits on eBay – can I do this treatment at home?

Imitation products may seem cheaper, but they are a false economy. You may damage your skin further – trust your skin to a trained medical practitioner in an authorised clinic.

What is a Dermaroller?

It is a medical device consisting of lots of micro-surgical needles. These needles produce thousands of micro needle-columns into the dermis of the skin, these close rapidly enabling the skin to recover quickly.