FAQ’s on Skin Peels

Are there any side effects?

We aim to minimise any side-effects with a full and thorough medical consultation. However, in the short term you may experience redness to the skin, itchiness, dryness or, more rarely, swelling. Most patients experience transient hyper-pigmentation which will settle over the course of treatment as you use treatment creams and maintain sun protection.

Do you carry out an initial consultation?

We ask all of our clients to undergo an initial consultation to ensure this treatment is suitable for you. This includes going over your full medical history and creating your individually tailored treatment plan. We will also give you some products to use before your peel to prepare your skins and optimise the results. We are happy to answer all of your questions and explain the risks and benefits, costs and recovery plan.

How does the treatment work?

We carefully apply a chemical solution that causes the damaged, outer layer of skin to spate and peel off. This reveals newly generated skin underneath.

How is the treatment administered?

Your practitioner will apply a chemical solution to the skin causing the top layer to separate and peel off.

How long does treatment take?

When the face is thoroughly cleansed, the practitioner can usually apply the solution in around 15 minutes. Full treatments vary from client to client – you may benefit from a single peel or may need to undergo a series of courses over weeks or months.

Is the treatment painful?

Chemical peels can cause a slight stinging sensation when the solution is applied but this passes quickly and does not need any anaesthesia.