Patient Testimonials



Dr McMorrow totally put me at ease with his informed and professional approach before my muscle relaxing facial injections. A very thorough consultation and sensitive treatment of my problem areas with a follow up a few weeks later ensured a really fantastic result. My face post treatment does not look fake, or plastic, it looks natural, more rested and gives me a more youthful appearance. Fabulous! 




I have been attending Lansdowne Facial Aesthetics for a series of wrinkle smoothing treatments and I am really delighted with the results. I had been very self-conscious of my deep frown lines on my forehead and also I felt that the lines around my eyes made me look constantly tired.
Dr McMorrow was very professional and quickly put me at ease by explaining the procedure clearly. The treatment took effect quickly and I felt immediately brighter, as if I'd had a good nights sleep. Many people have remarked on how well and young I look and it has been a great confidence booster for me. I will certainly continue to make appointments for further treatment



Having turned the big 50 a couple of years ago I decided that in order to boast my confidence I would offer nature a little help. More and more I found that other friends were trying facial aesthetics (botox and fillers) and were happy with the results. Still I was cautious to begin with and was very clear that I wanted to enhance what I had and it not appear too drastic a change, (we have all seen the horror pictures of the frozen look). I was very fortunate to come across Gareth who I was able to discuss all of my concerns with. He understood completely and we focused on exactly the areas I wanted to address. In particular I had a very distinct crease line on my forehead which even a fringe could not hide! 

I have now had fillers on a regular basis (every 6 months) and am delighted with the results.I still have small lines but the subtle changes give me the confidence I had hope for and often receive compliments on how good I look for my age! I  would happily recommend Gareth as a thorough, caring professional which is an absolute must as it is so important your practitioner  fully understands your requirements. I am definitely a convert and would encourage you to have a go. Nothing to lose but lines!



I approached Lansdowne Dental Practice because I knew that apart from being my dentist Gareth McMorrow had trained in Facial Aesthetic treatment such Botox .  The result was I had a consultation with Gareth he talked me through the procedure and discussed with me how this might reduce my frown lines and give me a fresher look. The thing I liked about Gareth was that at no time did he try to suggest more done than I felt comfortable with. Being a dentist he has vast experience giving injections and this definitely made the experience relatively painless. The result was a great success. I would have no hesitation in recommending  Gareth to anyone who has thought about having this procedure.