Botox for Men

Look better for work, look better for life.

More and more men are discovering the benefits of Botox treatments for their careers and lifestyles.

Professional men in particular, who may have developed frown lines through the stress of their jobs, can appreciate the benefits of minimising lines that may make them look angry or worried.

In terms of lifestyles, men are now as concerned as woman about the stigma of looking older and it’s become socially acceptable for men to seek treatment. At Lansdowne Facial Aesthetics in Glasgow, our clients tell us that, whether they are in a relationship or looking for a relationship, Botox treatment offers a confidence boost.

Plus, men really appreciate the speed and minimal downtime of the Botox procedure, which can be done in a lunch break without any interference in the working day.

As specialists in providers in Glasgow of Botox treatment for men, we understand the subtle differences between the sexes – men often require the use of more product than women. The most common use of ineffective treatment in men is the practitioner not using enough anti-wrinkle injections.

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